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Since the late 80's we have been professionally building and restoring arcade games!

We are all about making the buying process as easy as possible.  So, we are as transparent as possible and give you as much information as we can so that you will feel comfortable with your choice of game.  We bring it to you, set it up, show you how to use it, and if it stops working, we'll come back and fix it (no loading it up and having to bring it to us).

The owner has been in every element of the amusement industry, including managing the largest commercial amusement distributor in the business back in the 90's.  Since 2005, we have been exclusively focused on doing home game rooms, and also building multi games (and now, pinball) in house so that the quality can be controlled.  It is very hard to cater to both amusement operators who operate games in public venues, and the home game room client.  We are focused only on the home game room business and we do it very well.  

We appreciate each and every client, and grateful for all the referral business we receive in Colorado!  We look forward to serving you as well.

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