each one custom built
just for you.

Each is custom built depending on what you want.
We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you, so here is our commitment to you as a client:

We will build your game and for Colorado clients, bring it to you, place it in your home, show you how to use it, and make sure you're happy.  If for any reason you aren't, we will put it back on the truck and there is NO charge to you!  We hope this policy will take the stress out of the process, and give you confidence that any answers to your questions are answered as honestly as possible.  So, enjoy the process and know that since we've been building these since 1994, it is well seasoned, refined and upgraded to be as good as this type of game can possibly be!  Especially the very friendly user interface....which is critical to a game system like this! 


Play hundreds of classic games like Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, Robotron, Defender, Golden T Golf, Frogger, Street Fighter and many more....all in one authentic, real arcade cabinet!  Plus, play the classic home console games as well with our easy to use, elegant user interface.


Each game is custom built for you and then delivered to your home by us, or shipped if you are not in our service area.  We do NOT charge extra for delivery; we feel it's part of good customer service.  Here is how you can help us help you:

1. We have included some very basic information below.  If you click our "contact" button or call us (719.640.6707) we can send you detailed information if you feel you need more...the info below should get you most of the way there!

2. Look at the five different cabinets/options described below.  Pick the one you feel will work best for your family.

3. Most people are fine with our standard graphics.  However, if you don't want graphics, or you want something special like a Ms. Pacman graphics wrap shown in some photos below, we'll need to know that when we quote you a price.

4. Click the "contact" button below, or call us and we'll ask you about the above, and then we can give you a price.  




We made one of the very first systems in 1994.  It had 12 games; now it has up to 11,000.  Input from clients over the past 25+ years, and our willingness to listen and spend the money to make the best suggestions happen, is the single best reason why our's has evolved into a fabulous system. 


It has a very well refined, easy to use interface that a very young child can use, as well as any "non-tech" adult.  If you use most other "cheap" systems, you would find it to be a very frustrating experience trying to locate specific games, especially if a title way down a list.  This should be a fun experience, not frustrating.  With our's, it is!


We have a very easy to use "favorites" menu that with the push of one button, you can place your favorite games into your own family menu.  Trust me when I say, you will really appreciate this over time!  We have implemented multiple little refinements like this over the years, many of which were requested by clients.

We use a cabinet vendor who has been making cabinets for our industry for a long, long time.  They are the quality of commercial cabinets used in the coin machine industry.  Regarding the coin machine industry, we use the same track balls that the commercial industry uses.  So, when you play Golden T Golf, Centipede, Missile Command etc, it will play exactly like you remember.  Our joysticks feel the same because they are.  You can actually make the tight corners when you play Ms. Pacman.  That is a very frustrating experience when you try and use a cheap joystick on some of our competitor's budget games.  We found cutting costs on any input controls just frustrates the player and isn't worth it long term.

Finally, something most would not think of: we don't put "cheap" boards and electronics in our cabinet.  In fact, our's is so friendly we can easily upgrade/update your system if new games are added!  We don't charge extra for that.


We've tried using less expensive board sets, like some of our competitors do, and long term it just caused our clients, and ultimately us, too many service issues.  For one, we use the "real" games in our system.  The budget systems often use copies, or "close" examples of the real games.  Unfortunately, you don't find that out until you get your system and find some of the games just don't "feel" right.  Know with our's, the games will play as you remember them.


Finally, know that I have been in the industry since the 80's.  I actually sold all the classic games.  I played them all.  I know how they should play! Think of us as the "go to" guys if what you want is the absolute closest experience possible to having the real games in your home!  That is how every decision was made in creating our product, and we made no compromises.  If you agree with this philosophy, I can assure you that you'll like our system!  If not?  We'll take it back!




We've narrowed it down to four (plus a "non cabinet" option) based on input from folks like you over the years.  Below is what we offer, and some comments on the pros and cons of each.  If you need a lot more detail, just request our full email info packet.


You can opt for none, but we include either the generic graphic on the left or right, your choice.  These feature many of the classic characters

from many games.  You can also have these applied to the Classic Upright or the Ultimate Upright cabinets.  We'll show some other graphic

upgrade options below.

Recent client ordered both our NextGen Virtual Pinball, with hundreds of classic coin-op pinballs, plus all tables from Zen from the Steam platform, plus our Pedestal Multi game system.  Hundreds of pinballs and thousands of classic video games in the space of two games!



The pedestal is a great value.  It is very versatile for it's size, and since it comes apart it's easy to get up and down stairs if you have a basement.

It features a full size control panel, which allows us to install a complete compliment of controls and joysticks for two players who can sit side by side comfortably.  There is also space for a Happ Controls (same brand that the actual games used) full size track ball in the center for popular games like Golden T Golf, Missile Command, Centipede, Crystal Castles, etc.

We can use up to 50" HD displays.  There is some flexibility in depth if you have a tight space.  All in all, an excellent form factor and why many new games in commercial establishments now use this type of cabinet.


Almost everyone adds the stand, so these dimensions are with that attached.  34 1/2” Wide X 46” Deep X 65” High.  There is a bit of wiggle room in the depth because the stand goes under the main cabinet and can be moved forward and backwards.  

Same cabinet as the original Ms. Pacman & Galaga


The uprights come with a generic graphics package like the one shown on the Pedestal above.

Yes, we can get Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Galaga, almost anything.  There may be an up-charge, but we can customize your cabinet to be almost any game you want..just ask! 



The basic classic games and/or for those who really desire the look of the classic games from the 80's.  It is fine for folks that want to play Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Frogger and those types of early classic games.  However, there are some limitations when it comes to multi games as a group.  These cabinets were phased out by the mid 80's because you were limited with the control panel sizes, and the screen size.  Two player games were making this form factor obsolete.


What that means is that it isn't a great two player experience.  We can't install a full compliment of controls for two players as they simply won't fit.  It is possible to do it for one player, but that's a huge compromise. Add a track ball and things get even tighter.  We CAN, it's simply a better play experience with our Ultimate Upright (below) or the Pedestal. 


We cannot install a large screen in this form factor, but vertical games will still be a bit larger than what was used back in the day.  Games that require a horizontal screen (Robotron, Defender, Joust etc.) will look "squished" if we install the screen vertically, which we prefer as this orientation accommodates the majority of classic games.  


Bottom line: if you just want to play the classics from the early 80's, and playing two player games simultaneously isn't that important, this will do fine!  And, they are less expensive.    


68.5" High x 25" Wide x 27.5" Deep

The visual aesthetics of the Classic Upright (old school classic looks) but without the limiting form factor



You are wanting a centerpiece game room form factor.  An awesome play experience that is more immersive because the cabinet puts the large HD screen close to you!  A full size control panel (like the Pedestal) that allows for a full compliment of controls for two players, plus the large trackball.  Basically, the exact same play experience larger cabinets like this offered players back in the day.  And a far better one for classic games like Galaga & Ms. Pacman due to a much larger screen size.  And especially for horizontal games like Defender, Robotron, Stargate, Joust etc because those games fill in the entire screen and are significantly larger with HD graphics (yes, the same is true of the Pedestal, it's just that the screen is much further away).

Because of the larger size (basically two Galaga cabinets side by side) it is the ultimate two player cabinet.  The electronics are identical to the Pedestal, only the cabinet is different.  You can comfortably place two nice bar stools in front of it as well.  It features four casters, so it's easy to move.


NOTE:  What isn't easy to do is to get it down stairs!  So, we'll bring it to you like we would any other game.  However, if it is going down stairs please make sure you have ceiling clearance, and at least three people to carry it down (it isn't that heavy, just awkward).  If you have a landing half way down, you really need to make sure you can navigate this and make that turn!  On the other hand, if you have a walk-out basement, we're in!  We'll get it inside as long as getting to your walk-out is reasonable.

This is an impressive looking, premium product.

If you want the best, this is it.



43" Wide (long) X 70" High X 28 1/2" Deep



Casual gaming of only the older classic titles (Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Frogger etc).  This form factor was designed for restaurants who wanted to offer patrons something to do while waiting for a table.  It was not designed for long term play!  In fact, few games were ever made in a cocktail table.  There is not a lot of room between the table top and your hand, so it isn't very comfortable.  And no, they do not take up less space...that is a very common misconception.  People forget to figure in the space needed for two chairs on each end!  The upright actually requires less space, so if that is your reason for wanting one, be aware of this issue and know the Classic Upright affords a much better play experience, and the price difference is negligible.


It is admittedly a very retro looking, fun design but not recommended for people that want to spend some serious gaming time on arcade games.  We only offer this form factor to be competitive with the market.  And, sometimes a family wants a low profile gaming device; this would fit the bill! If this is the model you desire we make a very nice one!

We use the same high end beveled glass design the real tables used.  We don't use the cheap 60 in 1 boards that are used in the low end tables on eBay, etc.  Those boards don't generally last long, and use copy games.  We use a system that has a far better user interface, and features over 400 classic games.  We use a good joystick so you can get around the tight corners in the Pacman games.  If a table is what you desire, our's is as good as it gets!  Good looks and a great game system.



25” Wide X 34”” Long X 29” High, without chairs on each side



People that want a high end game experience but lack the space for a cabinet.  Or, perfect for someone who wants to put their game away when it's not in use. just don't want to spend more than you have to for a high end system, and you have a nice HD ready TV or flat screen to display the games.  This is for you!

This is basically our high end Pedestal model, but with everything hidden inside the panel.  We simply take the control panel off the Pedestal and place all the components inside.  We even include the sound system.  All you do is plug the long A/C cord into a power outlet, and run the HDMI cable to your TV, and you're ready to play!  Perfect if you have a cocktail table in front of your TV.  By the way, it looks much better in person than in the photos!


Note that this isn't's very well built and will have no problem sitting secure even with two players playing a game at the same time.  We include felt pads on the bottom so it won't scratch your table top.  When you're done, just put it away in a closet.  We've had numerous requests for something like this, so now it is part of our line up.  



20 1/2" deep X 34 1/2" long X 8 1/2" tall


We get more Colorado referral business than any other kind, so know this: if you have any issues we will take care of them!

Everything we sell comes with a full warranty IN YOUR HOME!  No having to bring it to us.

We include delivery, set up and orientation with every sale in our service area (basically all the way out to Pueblo, and all the way to the other end servicing areas including Colorado Springs (our base), Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Denver/Metro, Lakewood, Aurora etc.  And we'll even go out to Breckenridge and Aspen if you cover our extra fuel cost.  We have learned over the years that if you are going to have an issue, it's almost always during the move from our shop to a client's home.  So, we simply feel this should be part of our job...if there is an issue, we can take care of it then and there and we carry extra parts just in case.  We once had a track ball go bad during a delivery on Christmas eve...yikes.  Good thing we had a spare!


What if you don't like it?  Back on the truck it goes, and anything paid gets returned to you.  No one has ever returned one, but I feel we need to have this policy and take the "risk" out.  If you keep it 30 days and don't like it, we'll credit you 100% towards a pinball or other gaming system.  Fair enough?    


If you need more info, click the "contact" button or call us (719.640.6707).  We'll send you more info or answer any questions.



Call us, generally any day between 10-8pm Mountain.  We'll get your contact info, and then ask what cabinet you want, graphics, and if you have a special delivery date. 


This delivery date info is very general, and we can usually be very flexible, but we typically request 30 days to build and deliver your game as each is custom built in-house, aside from the cabinet.  If you need one quickly, contact asap and we'll do our best but know it's been challenging lately to get some of the supplies we need.  We are a very small, niche industry so we can't go to Best Buy or Walmart and grab some!

We will request a deposit, given the custom nature of building each one.  Yes, feel free to use a credit card!  We usually request 50%, but are fine with whatever a client is comfortable with.  And if you for whatever reason are not comfortable with this, call and if there isn't a lot of customization with graphics we will work with you!  We truly want every single client happy, and it is our hope you will refer us if a friend sees your game and would like to purchase one!



The simple answer is, just about any arcade game made from 1977 to the early 2000's is on our Arcade Complete system.  I've been around this industry since the early 80's, so I have very good knowledge of the games that were in arcades, as well as many prototype/test games than didn't get "officially" released, but somehow always did if only maybe ten copies.  So, there are a few very rare games like Joust 2 that you'll probably be thrilled to discover.  

Since a list of over 2800 coin op games, and 8000 home console games, would be a bit overwhelming to a majority of people, I'll just confirm the most requested but rest assured, if it was a coin op game from the dates mentioned above, chances are it's 99.9% in there!  Again, email if you want a longer list!  And remember, our's is upgradeable if new games are added!!


Here is a partial list of current games in our Arcade Package for the Pedestal or Classic Upright Ultimate edition.  If you need the 400+ "classic only" list for the standard Classic Upright (or cocktail), please let us know.  I will list the home console systems included at the end.


The Arcade Package has 2800+ games, the Arcade Plus (which is our default pak, and is what is included in the price we'll give you) simply adds approx 8000 additional classic home console games from Ninendo 64 and other NES systems, Sega, Atari, etc.  Highly recommended for families with children!  Below are some of the better known ARCADE coin-op commercial titles...every game was an arcade game, no filler type games like we've seen in others.


Fun fact:

Remember, a large game list is about the likelihood of it having all the games YOU will want to play, not playing 2800 plus games.  Like Spotify having millions of songs to choose won't play all of them, but odds are it will likely have the songs you want when you want them.

ALL the Pacman games and sequels

ALL the Galaga games and sequels

ALL the Street Fighter games and sequels

ALL the Donkey Kong games and sequels

ALL the major wrestling/fighting games

are here!

Many Golden T Golf editions, and we can upgrade as newer one's become available to us.

Most requested and included:

1942 and all sequels

Arkanoid and sequels

Asteroids/Asteroids Deluxe/Blasteroids

Bad Dudes





Crazy Climber

Crystal Castles

Dig Dug

Front Line



Ghosts & Goblins



Hyper Sports


Jungle Hunt

Killer Instinct

Luner Lander


Marble Madness

Mario Bros

Marvel VS Street Figher

(and all the Marvel Capcom games)

Moon Patrol

Mr. Do! and all sequels


Neo Geo:

all the titles as far

as we're aware of, including

King Of The Monsters

Aero Fighters

Fatal Fury and all sequels

Ghost Pilots

Puzzle Bobble/Bust A Move

Metal Slug

Again, all of them as far as

we're aware!





Qbert (oooohhh...clunk!)


Rally X


Rip Off

Road Blaster




Space Invaders


Star Wars & the ultra rare

follow up: Empire Strikes Back

Sunset Riders


Super Mario Bros (the original one)!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tekken and all sequels


Time Pilot



World Class Bowling


Zoo Keeper

Ghost Pilots

Puzzle Bobble/Bust A Move

Metal Slug

Again, all of them as far as

we're aware!

Laserdisc games?  Yup...all of them

ever made except one from Atari.

These include:

Dragon's Layer

Space Ace

Mach III

Thayer's Quest


Astron Belt

...and a few more

This is just a very small, drop

in the bucket list primarily of the classic years.  If it took a quarter from the late 70's to the early 2000's, it's 99.9% included!




Nearly all.  Contact us if you want to know if a specific home system and/or game is included.  We have over 7800 classic home console games in our system!



OR CALL 719.640.6707.  THANK YOU!