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Our fully refurbished games are completely torn down to the wood.  Parts are all cleaned, many typically replaced. Cracked plastics are replaced if we can get them.  All the rubber rings are replaced.  Glass is almost always replaced.  We usually convert newer games to LED light bulbs.  In a nutshell, we try and make every game look as new as we possibly can.  They are then reassembled and mechanics are adjusted so that the game plays like it did when it was taken out of the box and assembled back in the day!  


Cabinets are touched up if necessary, and any issues that may have been caused when it was moved from one location to another during commercial use are resolved.  Like a playfield, we make the cabinet look as new as we can. 

The game is then delivered and set up in your home if local, or shipped if you are out of state.  We will give local clients a walk through on basic maintenance, show you how to make adjustments (like changing the volume, etc) and every pinball comes with a full in-home warranty, and a 30 day exchange privilege.

We have been refurbishing pinballs since the 80's; we're confident you will be very pleased with your new pinball!


Just in and available:

F14 from Williams:

One of the most popular Colorado titles

given the amount of military families.

A Steve Ritchie classic.

This one has an exceptionally nice cabinet and yes, it does have the three beamer topper lights.  It's getting our high end refurbishment.

Coming soon:

Addams Family:

Will be a premium restoration with

new cabinet graphics

may still be available:

ALIEN POKER (williams)


APOLLO 13 (sega)

BATMAN (data east)

BLACK KNIGHT (williams)




COMET (williams, with Hard Top)


F-14 (williams)

FISHTAILS (williams)

GETAWAY (williams)

HIGH SPEED (williams)

JET SPIN (gottlieb, em in excellent condition)

JUBILEE (williams, em)

JURASSIC PARK (data east)


NO GOOD GOFERS (williams)

PINBOT (williams)

ROLLERGAMES (williams)

SORCERER (williams)

SPACE SHUTTLE (williams...with Hard Top)

STAR TREK NG (bally)




We offer a high end virtual pinball called

NextGen pinball!  You get hundreds of awesome real pinball titles, all in one pinball cabinet!

Read about it here.


If you own a pinball and would like it to be restored so that it looks as good as it can, and play like it did when it was taken out of it's box, we have that service, and for a flat fee so you know in advance what it will all cost. 


We offer a turn-key solution: we will come to your home, pick up your game and bring it to our shop.  From there, your game will go through the same process as if we were going to prepare it for sale to a client.  We will start with the cabinet and clean it.  If there is some damage, we can wood fill and touch up.  If there is a lot more than minor issues, ie, many scratches or chipped wood, we can apply brand new graphics for most games.  This of course would not be included in our flat fee; good quality graphics alone generally cost between $200-$250.

Your playfield will then be torn down to the wood.  All plastics will be cleaned, and of course the playfield as well.  It will also receive a full coating of wax so that it will have a nice gloss, like it did when it was brand new.  And, the ball will roll much better!  Burned out bulbs will be replaced (and we can change your bulbs over to LED's if you like, for an extra charge).  The game is then reassembled and our tech will go through it and adjust all the elements that need attention so that your game will play like it did when it was new.

We then bring the game back to you and set it up.  It will come with the same warranty we give when a pinball is bought from us. 

For a quote, please use our contact button (or call us) and let us know the name of the game you have, and that you want refurbishment.  We'll be happy to quote you a price.

Yes, we do outside service as well.  If your game is not running, and you just want it repaired, contact us and we'll set up an in-home service call for you!